What Are Work-From-Home Packing Jobs?


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Work-from-home packing job opportunities are fraudulent schemes run by scammers who recruit unsuspecting individuals to repackage goods sent to the home of the worker. This type of scam is perpetrated by thieves who steal credit card information and purchase goods using the stolen cards.

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Legitimate companies don't hire workers to package products at home, and getting involved in a home packaging job scheme might lead to legal troubles, warns Money Crashers. Scammers use deception by pretending these jobs are legitimate, and provide workers with a bogus reason for needing items repackaged and shipped. For instance, a company might claim it requires goods to be shipped a certain way, and it's willing to pay workers a set amount to do the repackaging. Workers are instructed to remove items from their original packaging and put them in new packaging, attaching mailing labels provided by the company.

Workers are instructed to take the packages to the post office and mail them, and are promised payment for completing this task. The goods shipped in these schemes are purchased illegally, and the worker is participating in criminal activity by helping the thieves hide the goods from authorities, notes Fox Business. Some scams take things a step further and have workers wire money using a service such as Western Union. Workers who follow these instructions are laundering money and might face criminal prosecution, if caught.

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