What Are Some Work-at-Home Jobs That Consist of Assembling Electronic Products?

Electronics assembly work-at-home jobs involve placing and soldering components, such as capacitors, onto circuit boards for toys and gadgets. The work from Electronics Laboratories requires being able to solder, and requires up-front money to purchase the boards and tools. The company receives an F from the Better Business Bureau.

Use standard job listings to find work-at-home electronics jobs, rather than unsolicited advertising. Ask questions to avoid scams in which the company earns money off worker purchases while rejecting finished work. Consider training or certification that would open up better jobs, such as assembling measurement devices or computer components.

To avoid scams, make sure that the company has a good record with regulatory and review agencies, such as the Federal Trade Commission, Better Business Bureau and the state Attorney General's office. Ask the company for a contact name and phone number. Do an online search for others' experience with the work and company. Many work-at-home assembly jobs have a poor track record as a way to earn money.