How Do You Find Work As a Handyman?

work-handyman Credit: Peter Dazeley/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

Finding work as a handyman is accomplished by marketing directly to potential clients. Some marketing strategies to consider include advertising online, in newspaper classifieds, and through referrals of existing clients.

Word of mouth is one way to get new clients while working as a handyman, according to eHow. This form of advertising is effective because it is free and shows potential clients that others are satisfied with the services they received.

Other forms of marketing to consider include advertising online, placing an ad in the classified section of newspapers, or distributing fliers. All of these methods help to ensure that the advertisement is seen locally by potential clients. These methods are more proactive than passively waiting for word of mouth to drum up business. When distributing fliers make sure to place them in an area with a large target audience of people who are likely looking for handyman services, such as at a hardware store.

Information displayed on a work vehicle is another way to advertise inexpensively. Make sure to include a name, contact number, and the services being offered. A logo or some form of company insignia is also useful for standing out from competitors and increasing brand recognition.

To find handyman jobs, visit job sites such as and These sites have job listings for different areas of the country and offer online tools for applicants to submit their application. Use filters and search tools to find handyman jobs in your area. You have the option of choosing between full-time or part-time jobs. Both sites allow you to upload your resume so that employers can find you. If you don't find a job that interests you, you can subscribe to the sites to get new job alerts. You also gain access to vast information and resources to help you find your desired job.