How Do You Work for the FBI?


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To work for the FBI, you must be a U.S. citizen with an accredited bachelor's degree, three years of professional work experience and a valid driver's license. Becoming an FBI agent also requires passing a written exam, a background check, a medical exam and several interviews.

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  1. Acquire American citizenship and a valid driver's license

    If you are not already a citizen, acquire official American citizenship to qualify for FBI employment. Applicants must also have a valid driver's license.

  2. Acquire a bachelor's degree from an accredited four-year university

    Pursue a degree from an accredited four-year university, ideally in a field that relates to your specialization of choice. Information regarding various Special Agent Entry Programs and Special Agent Critical Skills is available on the official FBI careers website.

  3. Obtain work experience

    Acquire three years of full-time work experience to qualify as an applicant.

  4. Pass a written exam

    Take and pass the FBI Phase I test, which is a three-part, multiple-choice test that consists of biodata inventory, logical reasoning and situational judgement sections.

  5. Pass a background check

    Pass an extensive background check and several interviews to allow the FBI to evaluate your attributes, characteristics, financial responsibility, and drug or alcohol history.

  6. Pass a medical examination

    Pass medical tests for vision, hearing and physical fitness to assure the FBI you can withstand the job's physically demanding nature.

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