What Are Some Work Evaluation Examples?

Some examples of employee work evaluation topics include overall job performance, attendance, attitude towards co-workers, and adherence to company policy. A work evaluation may also focus on a particular project on which the employee is working or on job-specific areas such as customer relations or proficiency with certain tools.

Regardless of the type of job or the work environment, the foundation of an employee work evaluation should consist of tracking and measuring the overall attitude of the employee towards the job and the company. This is often evident in basic elements of the employee’s behavior such as attendance and punctuality. If the employee frequently misses work or shows up late, it reflects poorly on him and should be a major focus of the evaluation. Another example is the employee’s ability to work productively and comfortably with his co-workers, such as equal participation in group projects or general treatment of other people.

Any employee work evaluation must also identify specific areas of the job to gauge how effective he is in the position. For example, if the employee works as a cashier at a retail store, the evaluation should examine the way in which he interacts with customers and handles matters such as complaints and returns. Additionally, it should evaluate his skill at using the point-of-sale system and his understanding of the other technology and tools the store uses.