What Does Work Ethic Mean?

Work ethic refers to the act of working hard and diligently. Often, those with strong work ethic equate working hard with morality and strength of character. A good work ethic is characterized by integrity and high quality work.

Work ethic stems from the moral belief in the importance of doing good work. Because of this belief, there are a few key factors or characteristics that demonstrate work ethic in an individual. Someone with a strong work ethic puts a lot of focus on discipline, quality and teamwork, all of which work together to create the best product possible. Discipline keeps a person focused and teamwork ensures that person gets the best input from multiple people without causing issues within the workplace. Good work ethic leads to high quality work products and customer service.

A good work ethic leads a person to feel a personal responsibility for his work, which further connects him to the work and encourages him to produce quality results. When something goes wrong, someone with a good work ethic is more likely to feel responsible and proactively work to fix it. Since there is a moral component, a work ethic also includes integrity about the work, which means that those with a strong work ethic do not pass of the efforts and labor of others as their own.