How Do You Work on a Cruise Ship?

Securing a job on a cruise ship involves finding openings for cruise ship jobs and sending in a resume to cruise lines. Cruise ships hire workers from a pool of qualified applicants. Potential applicants can find information about potential careers by visiting various cruise line websites.

There are two categories of workers on cruise ships: crew and staff. Crew members are responsible for the bulk of on-board ship operations. Typical crew member jobs involve cleaning rooms and decks, tending the bar, cooking, general maintenance, and waiting on passengers and staff.

Generally, the crew lives in an area of the ship that is separate from passenger quarters. Crew members typically only encounter passengers while officially on duty. Alternatively, staff members have close interactions with passengers while doing their jobs. Staff members include the ship captain, the captain's staff and employees involved in guest relations or entertainment. Another way to work on a cruise ship is to get a job working for an on-board concession shop.

Cruise ships are similar to other employers when it comes to hiring good help. Anyone desiring to work on a cruise ship must evaluate whether they have the skills and talents that fit a particular job description. Ship workers must act professionally, work studiously and be comfortable staying at sea for long stretches of time.