How Do You Work for the CIA?

How Do You Work for the CIA?

As of 2014, to get a job at the Central Intelligence Agency, or the CIA, there is an extensive application process. A person must fill out an application packet including extensive information for a background check and fill out a personnel evaluation form.

  1. Research the jobs available

    Before applying, it is important to research the potential jobs available in the agency. The CIA has career opportunities in analyst positions, IT services, clandestine services, language positions and more. Explore the requirements for each position before making a choice.

  2. Fill out the application

    Fill out the application for background information and personnel information online. This background check application includes things like identification information, work history, education, military experience and other skills. The personnel application includes more extensive details, such as questions about security clearances, polygraphs, employment issues, drug use and activity, violation of laws and criminal convictions.

  3. Submit the application, and save copies of all forms

    Once the forms are completed, submit the application online. After submitting the forms, print the forms, and save them for future reference. During the extensive interview process, there may be a need to reference these forms, and once they are submitted, you no longer have access to reference them.