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The best way for a job seeker to find work is to remain employed until the next position is found, polish her resume, update her online profiles and ask contacts for leads on positions. Other methods include attending events, checking job boards, using a headhunter and using contacts from her school.

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Some reports say up to 80 percent of jobs are found through networking. Networking isn't just reaching out when the job seeker wants to find a new job; it should be viewed as a steady commitment to people and the industry in which a job seeker is working. Ensuring that every meeting with colleagues and industry professionals is building trust and helping the other person in the near term helps years down the road when the job seeker needs help.

If the candidate’s network is not developed, or she is trying to break into a new industry, then attending trade events or using job boards may be useful tools. When breaking into new areas, it is still useful for the candidate to reach out to existing trusted friends to discuss the planned transition; their networks are different to those of the candidate, and asking trusted individuals for help may open up other options she had not considered previously.

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