What Are Some Words and Phrases That Can Be Included in Employee Recognition Awards?

Thank you, dedication and commitment are simple, powerful words to use when crafting employee recognition awards. Select words and phrases that reflect the specific accomplishments being recognized and sincerely communicate the message. For example, when recognizing leadership consider a phrase like "celebrating 10 years of visionary leadership."

A phrase like "proof that with teamwork the sky's the limit" followed by a team's specific accomplishment and the team members' names communicates appreciation while recognizing both the team and individual contributions. Committed, passionate, innovative and enthusiastic are good word options when recognizing an employee's great attitude.

"In appreciation for..." or "with sincere thanks to Bob Smith for..." followed by a specific accomplishment or a phrase such as "commitment to excellence" or "50 years of dedicated service" is standard wording, personalized with the recipient's and company's names and dates of service. "Excellence," "hard work," "customer focus," "unwavering support," and "above and beyond" are examples of language to use when recognizing exemplary levels of service.

Spontaneously awarding and recognizing employee performance is often the most meaningful. Choosing to say thanks for the extra effort and long hours required to complete a project and doing so at a staff meeting sometimes means more than a plaque at the end of the year. Saying "thanks," "good job" or "couldn't have done this without you" are powerful everyday motivators.