How Do You Word a Warning Letter to an Overdue Tenant?

A warning letter to an overdue tenant should include the name and address of the tenant, the number of days the rent is overdue, the day the rent was originally due, and how much the tenant owes in rent and fees. Warning letters should be signed by the landlord.

In addition to collecting rent, warning letters can also be used to reinforce the fact that rent should be paid on time and to keep legal records in the event the tenant needs to be evicted. Some legal sites, such as Rocket Lawyer, feature warning letter templates landlords can complete to help word a warning letter.

To prevent late payments, landlords can send tenants reminders of when rent is due and make sure tenants understand they can be charged fees for late rent payments as long as such a stipulation is included in the renters' lease.

If the tenant doesn't pay his overdue rent after receiving a warning letter, the landlord is legally allowed to begin the eviction process. A landlord should check to see what the proper procedure is for legally evicting a tenant in his state.

Landlords can legally evict tenants who fail to pay rent, as well as those who violate the terms of the lease or damage property. A tenant can fight an eviction notice if he can prove the rental unit is uninhabitable, that the eviction notice contains mistakes or that the landlord is retaliating.