How Do You Word Service Recognition Awards?


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When wording service recognition awards, include the recipient?s name, the name of the organization presenting the award, the name of the award, the reason for the recognition and the date. Embellish the wording, as appropriate, based on the specific recipient and the reason for the recognition.

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The length of the wording on a service recognition certificate or plaque varies based on the reason for the award. For example, recognition of 35 years of service at the time of retirement probably warrants more words than recognition of the completion of one year of employment. In either case, explain the reason for the recognition in no more than two sentences. Use simple, plain language to clearly communicate the message.

Select words that speak specifically to the person receiving the award and that properly reflect the intent of the recognition. If the award is for someone who created 100 new job opportunities or reduced accidents on the job by 50 percent, recognize it. Consider traditional phrases like exemplary performance, dedicated service or innovative programming, or choose wording representative of the company itself, such as out-of-the-park performance or over-the-top sales.

Review the text before printing or engraving for spelling or grammar mistakes and to ensure it accomplishes its goal, which is to make the recipient feel appreciated and valued.

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