How Do You Word a Letter Disputing Credit?

When writing a letter disputing credit, include the name on the account you're disputing, the account number and a detailed explanation of what is in dispute, as MyFICO explains. Send the letter as certified mail with a return receipt requested in order to have proof that the company or individual with whom you are lodging the dispute receives it.

A credit dispute letter has a number of different functions, such as disputing something on your credit report or disputing a billing error, according to MyFICO. Aside from details specific to the situation, credit dispute letters should have a few important pieces of information, including identifying information of both the creditor and the debtor. The letter should include the writer's relevant account number, and it should indicate the date in order to show when the you officially initiated the dispute.

When outlining the body of the letter, list the items or information in dispute as well as why you are disputing those items. Additionally, provide a request for a resolution, such as the removal of the item from the account or an adjustment to the billing. Also, enclose a copy of the report or bill that outlines the disputed items, as suggested by MyFICO.