How Do You Word an Employee Performance Review?

The main objective when writing an employee performance review is to give the employee feedback in a clear, comprehensive and concise manner. Maintain objectivity and avoid judgment as much as possible, and always consider the employee's point of view when discussing problems that may have come up.

Begin by writing about any problems with the particular employee. Address each of them independently and do not bring up a new problem until the current one has been discussed comprehensively. After discussing a particular problem, tell the employee what is expected of her, and be sure to be as realistic as possible. Offer the employee help or advice, and suggest whom to contact if she needs help developing a plan for improvement.

When writing the employee's review, be as clear and nonjudgmental as possible. Use positive language and alternate between positive and negative feedback. Avoid vague language such as occurs in phrases like "her work has been sloppy," and be as specific as possible when describing a particular issue. Reaffirm the employee's potential and confidence. Well-worded employee performance reviews can make a huge difference in employee satisfaction, which in turn tends to increase employee productivity.