How Do You Word a Congratulatory Retirement Letter?

How Do You Word a Congratulatory Retirement Letter?

Wording for a congratulatory retirement letter is typically casual, and it offers the retiree praise on reaching the accomplishment of retirement. The letter compliments the person for her career success and wishes her the best for her future endeavors.

Wording for a congratulatory retirement letter typically addresses the retiree in the second person. Alternatively, the writer might address the retiree from a first-person perspective.

If the retirement letter comes from a co-worker or a representative of the retiree's company, the letter's wording might include details about the retiree's accomplishments on behalf of the company. The letter typically recounts the employee's good qualities. For example, if the retiree has been particularly loyal to the company or willing to undertake unusual assignments, the writer states appreciation for these qualities in the letter.

If the person served as a mentor or role model for others, the congratulatory letter often states appreciation for the retiree's leadership. Typically, wording of the letter also includes praise for personal qualities that the retiree brought to the workplace. For example, if the retiree brought delicious cookies to the office, the letter often thanks the retiree for the personal contribution.

Usual wording for a retiree congratulation letter also includes well wishes for the retiree for the future. The writer often includes many of the things that the retiree talks about wanting to accomplish in retirement such as travel. The letter usually closes with an invitation stating that the retiree may come visit her old office as she wishes.