How Do You Word a Certificate of Recognition?

Though the specific details for writing copy for a certificate of recognition may vary depending on the nature of the award, most require the title of the award followed by a short statement explaining the reason for its presentation. The statement does not need to follow full grammatical rules but should clearly outline its purpose and the name of the recipient.

A certificate of recognition demonstrates a level of appreciation for the actions of a person or group from another organization, typically in response to a specific event, such as a retirement or the completion of a project. These awards commonly appear in a business or otherwise professional setting, thus requiring clear and direct language that reflects the attitude of the organization issuing it. In many cases, the written content of these certificates begins with the name of the award, usually in title case. If the award has no official name, it may include the phrase "Certificate of Recognition" instead.

Below this is a short sentence that explains the purpose of the award, often beginning with a phrase such as "In recognition of" or "To commemorate" followed by a brief summary of the actions that precipitated the award. In some cases, the text may conclude with the explanation of the action before listing the name of the recipient along with the signature of the person presenting it. Alternately, some awards may incorporate the name of the recipient into the actual description sentence.