How Do You Withdraw Money From an ATM?

How Do You Withdraw Money From an ATM?

In order to withdraw money from an ATM, you'll need to insert the ATM card provided by your bank and use your personal identification number (PIN) to access your account. Once you've accessed your account, you can decide which account to draw from and how much you'd like to draw.

  1. Insert your ATM card into the ATM

    Use your bank's ATM, or use an ATMs provided by other financial institutions. You may need to pay an ATM fee.

  2. Enter your personal identification number

    Your PIN is a secret code that only you know. Enter this number to access your funds.

  3. Select the account you'd like to withdraw from

    Most ATMs allow you to choose which account you'd like to withdraw money from.

  4. Input the amount you'd like to withdraw

    Press the buttons on the keypad that correspond with the amount of money you wish to withdraw.

  5. Retrieve your money

    Take your money. The ATM may also offer you the option to print a receipt showing your remaining balance.