How Do You Wire or Send Money to a Bank Account?


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To wire money to a bank, you will need the recipient's bank name, routing or ABA number and your own bank account information. Once the account information is gathered, you can fill out a form or transfer the money online, and the bank will handle the rest.

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How Do You Wire or Send Money to a Bank Account?
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Wiring money to a bank is different depending on your bank. Some banks provide a wire transfer service that can be utilized online. With these banks, you can simply fill out the form on your own and set the desired amount you want to send, and it will be transferred to the recipient's bank. Banks that don't provide online wire transfers will require you to either call or go to a retail location and fill out the form in person.

It is important to note that wire transfers from one bank to another costs the sender money and oftentimes costs the recipient money as well. The fees vary from bank to bank. In addition to this, when it comes to wiring money to a bank, it can take a few days for the recipient to receive her funds as banks have a large amount of bank wires to go through at any given time.

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