How Do You Wire Money From a Checking Account?


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Banks have different procedures concerning wiring money from checking accounts, but there is usually a form to fill out that initiates the wire transfer, as About.com explains. Generally, such forms require information regarding the receiver's checking account, including the name of the receiving bank, the bank's routing number or ABA number, the bank account number of the payee, and other pertinent information required by the receiving bank.

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While some banks may require filing out a physical form for a wire transfer, others allow their customers to wire money directly online, as About.com notes. Banks often complete such transactions on the same day they receive the necessary information, but recipients may not immediately have access to the money. It's possible that senders need to pay a fee to commence a wire transfer, and as of 2015, some banks charge as much as $40.

It's also possible to use a financial service to wire money to other individuals, as Western Union details. This service allows customers to use their checking accounts, debit cards, credit cards or cash at any Western Union location. Just as when transferring money through their own banks, customers need to provide information about the recipient or the recipient's bank to complete the transfer.

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