Who Are Some Wire Harness Manufacturers?


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Some wire harness manufacturers include Meridian Cable, National Wire & Cable and Genco Industries. Wire harnesses assist with geophysical exploration and serve as magnetic resonance imaging cables, notes National Wire & Cable.

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Meridian Cable owns manufacturing plants in both the United States and China, and both are approved by Underwriter's Laboratories (UL) for wire harness manufacturing. It can create conductors from 34 gauge to 12 gauge. Meridian can also manufacture custom striped and marked cable that is UL certified. The company offers polyurethane, natural rubber, Teflon and silicone insulating materials.

National Wire & Cable is an employee-owned company and the foremost wire and cable product manufacturer in the U.S., notes National Wire & Cable. Its geophysical cables help explore and map ocean terrain, and the company is also creating specialized controller cables for the next generation of electric cars. National Wire & Cable's manufacturing facility is located in the U.S.

Genco Industries, Inc., also located in the U.S., creates wire harnessing products for original equipment manufacturers, although it can also manufacture harnesses for other businesses. Its harnesses range from a basic two-circuit harness to a 100-circuit harness with multiple breakouts. Genco offers braided wire harnesses that keep insulation secure and offer more protection than regular braids. It specializes in small-to-medium jobs that require fast turnaround time.

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