How Does the Winn-Dixie FuelPerks! Program Work?

Winn Dixie fuelperks! is a loyalty rewards program that offers discounts on gasoline prices with the purchase of groceries at Winn Dixie, and is available at participating gas stations. As of 2015, Winn Dixie's fuelperks! program allows shoppers to accumulate fuel discounts for every $50 spent at Winn Dixie.

The fuel discounts start at a 5-cent discount per gallon for every $50 spent at Winn Dixie, and bonus discounts of up to 50 cents per gallon can be achieved with the purchase of special fuelperks! promotion products. Accumulated fuelperks! discounts expire at the end of the month following the month during which they were earned.

Purchases and discounts are tracked using the standard Winn Dixie Reward Card. The plastic card has a magnetic strip and is swiped at the register when purchasing groceries and at the pump when pumping gas. The Winn Dixie Reward card also comes in a keychain form, which has a bar code that is scanned at the register when purchasing groceries. It also has a number that is entered at the pump when pumping gas.

Participating gas stations include most Shell stations and a limited number of other brands. Gas station locations are listed in the fuelperks! section of Automated pumps at participating gas stations instruct users to swipe the Winn Dixie Rewards Card to apply the discount before beginning to pump gas.

Customers can search for fuel stations that accept fuelperks! on the website or by looking for a “fuelperks!” sign at the location. Fuelperks! expire at the end of the month immediately following the month a customer earns them. Several items are excluded from earning fuelperks!, including tobacco, lottery tickets, federally funded prescriptions, Winn-Dixie brand gift cards and postage stamps.