What Is a Wind Mitigation Inspection?


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Wind mitigation inspection is an insurance examination done by a certified inspector on whether a building or home has features that lower the amount of damage suffered from winds during a storm. This encourages the implementation of certain construction techniques and renovations in order to limit damage from high winds.

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In the course of a wind mitigation inspection, the inspector evaluates different construction components of a house and their conditions. The inspection form provides information on the building's exterior, construction methods, roof covering and the roof's condition. The inspection reports on the property elevation and its strength against incoming winds from hurricanes and storms, according to the Florida Inspection Center.

The wind mitigation inspection report helps insurance providers calculate premiums for homeowners, and those who have had the inspection on their homes can avoid costly insurance deductibles. The report informs the homeowners of any existing construction discrepancies and maintenance needs of the house, and the inspectors advise homeowners on any types of enhancements that can be done to limit damage from strong winds. Making such renovations can save homeowners on insurance premiums, as can having any construction components that the report shows already have a reduced risk of wind damage.

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