How Do You Win a Transport Contract Bid?


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There are many factors to consider when bidding for transportation contracts, but contractors can apply for compatible jobs, network, become pre-qualified and remain competitive to increase their chances of winning contracts, according to the Commercial Capital LLC and LCT websites. Cost is typically an important determining factor, but the lowest bids do not always win the contract because the provided services, delivery time and other factors are also taken into consideration.

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To win transport contract bids, follow the steps below.

  1. Search for compatible jobs
  2. Many different organizations outsource transportation needs to the private sector, notes Commercial Capital LLC. Load boards, industry groups and the U.S. government commonly request proposal bids for transportation services, and rather than apply for all available projects, organizations should limit their search to compatible jobs.

  3. Network
  4. Satisfied customers often refer their friends and other businesses to the companies they have used in the past, so companies should focus on keeping their current customers and building a strong network.

  5. Pre-qualify
  6. Some organizations, such as the U.S. Postal Service, have stringent requirements for their contractors. Companies can get ahead by pre-qualifying with the organization before bidding on projects.

  7. Remain competitive
  8. Cost is often one major consideration for organizations, so transportation services should have a clear understanding of the services their competitors provide and the corresponding service costs. Contractors may not necessarily need to low-ball their bids, but they should ensure that they are competitive with the other bids coming in.

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