What Are the Most Widely Used Budget Programs?

One of the most widely used budget programs is Mint. Mint is a program that is completely web based, so users can access their budget from anywhere, explains Forbes. A mobile app for Mint is also available, which allows money to be manages from a smartphone. Mint is free, and has an option to link budgets with bank accounts so users can see how they are performing each day.

There are a number of other budget programs that are widely used by consumers including Quicken and Mvelopes. These programs include both desktop and online options, and many come with mobile apps for smartphones.

Quicken, a budget program that is widely used by consumers, offers personal finance software that requires a one-time purchase fee. Mvelopes, another widely used budget program, works by using the popular “envelopes” system for budgeting. The envelope system began with placing cash in envelopes designated for specific spending categories. In the Mvelopes system a user creates their own budget, and then each category receives its own virtual envelope that is used to divide funds each month. Mvelopes is an online budgeting tool that also has an app for smartphones. Other examples of budget programs include Yodlee and You Need a Budget (YNAB).