How Do You Get a Wholesale License?


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Most states regulate wholesales licenses through state department of revenue offices. These offices usually provide the necessary application forms online. Applicants may submit forms online or print the forms to fill out and send by mail.

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  1. Create a business entity

    Visit state secretary of state websites to complete business entity registration forms. Register the business as a limited liability company, corporation, sole proprietorship or limited partnership. Apply for an employer tax ID number through the Internal Revenue Department. Creating a business entity protects business owners from liability in the event of a lawsuit and provides additional tax credits and deduction options. Also, product manufacturers prefer to sell wholesale products to legitimate business owners who intend to resell these products to customers rather than keep the products for themselves. Manufacturers may ask for business license and wholesale license numbers before completing a product order.

  2. Apply for a state sales license

    Apply for a state sales license through the department of revenue. This license allows business owners to collect sales tax from customers for goods and services sold.

  3. Apply for a wholesale license

    Apply for a wholesale license through the department of revenue. If selling goods to customers living in different states, business owners must apply for wholesale licenses in those states as well.

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