How Do You Find a Wholesale Distributor?


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To find a wholesale distributor, contact the manufacturer, search online, network with other professionals and attend trade shows. Finally, contact potential distributors, and be friendly.

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  1. Contact the manufacturer

    Get in touch with the manufacturer of your branded items. Ask for their minimum order requirements. Ask for a list of trusted distributors you can call in case the manufacturer is unable to do business with you directly.

  2. Search online

    Conduct a Google search for wholesale distributors in your area, and include keywords of your products. Make a spread sheet of potential distributors, their minimum requirements, prices and contacts.

  3. Network with other professionals

    Build relationships with industry insiders on forums, groups and other professional networks. Subscribe to industry newsletters, and ask for information on the best wholesale distributors from your networks.

  4. Attend trade shows

    Attend industry events such as trade shows for the chance to meet manufacturers and wholesale distributors. Network with distributors, and compare prices and minimum requirements.

  5. Contact potential distributors

    Evaluate your list of potential wholesale distributors, and call the most promising ones. Be honest about the size of your business and clear about what you want. Be friendly and to the point. Finally, choose a distributor that best fits your specific business needs.

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