What Does Wheel Loader Operator Do?


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A wheel loader operator's main duties include the operation of a wheel loader machine in a professional and safe manner. The operator uses the wheel loader machine to pile up various types materials or equipment for transportation. The wheel loader operator's duties also include the daily maintenance and care of the equipment assigned to them according to any industry or company standards.

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A wheel loader operator's job description includes other general tasks around the workplace, such as acting as a spotter for other drivers or operators working in the location. A wheel loader operator is also expected to assist with all activities occurring in the area, such as the recording of equipment and material inventories. This employee is also expected to conduct himself in a professional manner as a representative of the company.

The wheel loader operator position is part of the industrial truck and tractor operators career path. Workers in this career path are tasked with the operating of various industrial equipment and trucks at a particular work location, such as warehouses, factories, construction sites or storage yards. Positions in this career path generally require skill in operating assigned vehicles and clear communication skills between the employee and any supervisor assigned to them.

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