How Does Western Union Work?

Ben Hider/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Western Union operates as a conduit that allows people to send and receive funds by way of phone, Internet or a local Western Union center, according to its official website. Users can also attain Western Union prepaid cards, and they have the option of using the money-transfer center to pay bills.

The official website further mentions how the process works when it comes to sending money from one of its service centers. After a sender hands over the necessary money and fills out the paperwork, funds are available within a few minutes to the person receiving the cash. Recipients can pick up the money at a Western Union center, or they can wait to see if the funds are available in their bank account, depending on how the money was sent. Western Union also highlights its convenient bill-payment system, allowing users to set up a plan that issues funds to a receiving company. One way to do so is through a system that sets up emergency or scheduled payments.

Western Union also notes that the transfer agency provides convenient payment systems for companies that conduct business internationally. Western Union’s foreign exchange business solutions allow companies to make international payments and receive funds from abroad. Its banking center also offers a prepaid system where employees deposit funds from an employer and replenish money online. Prepaid cards are valid at ATMs, and these cards can be used for debit card transactions. Western Union also offers prepaid wireless and phone cards.