What Is the Western Union Money Transfer Fee?

Western Union money transfer fees start at one dollar to send up to ten dollars in transfer funds. Fees vary based on if money is deposited into a bank account or picked up as cash, how much is transferred, and the mode of payment for the transfer.

For example, in order to send four hundred dollars to the zip code14201 (Buffalo, NY) from anywhere in the United States, the fees range from five dollars to 35 dollars. The most inexpensive option is to send the money by paying with a bank account for deposit into a bank account on the receiving end. This process can take up to five days. The five dollar fee also applies to the option of sending money from a bank account to be picked up in cash at an agent location. This process could take up to three days. Other options include paying with a credit or debit card and having the money deposited directly into a bank account (taking up to five days for 20 dollars), paying with a credit or debit card for cash pick up at an agent location (occurring within minutes for a 35 dollar fee), and paying with Bank Through Western Union (requiring up to three days for a 5 dollar fee).