What Are Western Union Locations?

A Western Union location or a Western Union Agent location is a place were people can send and receive cash. These locations can be found at grocery stores, supermarkets, check cashiers, mailbox centers, convenience stores, drug stores, depots and travel agencies, according Western Union. Check the Western Union website to find the most relevant agent locations in a desired area.

Western Union locations can also be found at some banks, post offices, airports, bus stations and train stations. Money transferred through Western Union can be collected by the recipient within a few minutes after the sender's transaction has been completed. The recipient must produce a reference number and proper identification before the funds can be released.

The transaction can also be completed through the Western Union website after registering for a free account. The sender needs to provide the recipient’s details, such as full name and exact location, according to Western Union.

After the money has been transferred, the sender is given a reference number that must be shared with the recipient who can then collect the transferred money at any Western Union location within the specified city or country. Charges depend on the amount being sent, delivery method and the location of the recipient.