Who Were the Richest Men in the United States in 2015?

As of 2015, the richest men in the United States are Bill Gates from Microsoft, Warren Buffet from Berkshire Hathaway, Larry Ellison from Oracle and David Koch from Koch Industries. These men have a net worth spanning from 42.9 billion dollars for David Koch to 79.2 billion for Bill Gates.

In 2015, with a fortune nearing 80 billion dollars, Bill Gates is also the richest man in the world and has been listed as such 16 times since 1987. The list of the 30 richest men in the United States in 2015 also includes Jim and S. Robson Walton, Michael Bloomberg, Jeff Bezos, and Mark Zuckerberg. Their fortunes range from 33.4 billion dollars for Mark Zuckerberg to 40.6 billion for Jim Walton.