What Is a WellPoint Stock Split?


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A WellPoint stock split is one of three historical stock events that changed the number of WLP shares held by WellPoint investors, according to Stock Split History. These stock splits occurred in 1996, 2002 and 2005. The 1996 WellPoint stock split was a two-for-three reverse split. This means that for every three shares a shareholder possessed pre-split, the shareholder held only two shares after the reverse split.

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WellPoint's March 2002 stock split was a conventional two-for-one split, according to Stock Split History. Each WLP share held pre-split was doubled into two shares. Another two-for-one stock split, the third and final WellPoint split occurred in June 2005.

Wellpoint announced its third stock split on April 27, 2005, says Anthem. On the same day, Wellpoint announced that its Q1 2005 earnings had exceed $611 million. This was a significant increase over Wellpoint's Q1 earnings in 2004, which reached $295.6 million.

WellPoints 2005 stock split affected all people who were WLP shareholders of record on May 13, 2005. The additional shares were distributed to shareholders on the last day of May 2005. The distribution was overseen by Equiserve Trust Company. According to Larry Glasscock, WellPoint's then CEO, this stock split was a sign of increased confidence on the part of WellPoint's Board of Directors.

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