What Are Some Wellness Programs Offered by Major Insurance Companies?


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Examples of wellness programs offered by insurance companies include programs to help individuals stop smoking, manage diabetes, lose weight and take advantage of preventative health screenings, according to HealthCare.gov. If policy holders participate, they may qualify for premium discounts, cash rewards, gym memberships and other incentives.

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Other wellness programs offered by insurance companies include those geared specifically for women, such as maternity programs, infertility management, breast health education and genetic testing programs, explains Aetna. The maternity program provides tips and advice for a healthy pregnancy and offers specific guidance to women with high-risk pregnancies. Infertility case managers answer questions from policy holders and provide information for further research and communication. Women can gain access to the most recent information on breast health and cancer-risk identification, and find support and specialized services if they have already been diagnosed with breast cancer. Genetic testing to evaluate the risk for breast or ovarian cancers is also considered an important wellness program for women.

More generalized wellness programs are also available to policy holders, states Aetna. These programs include mindfulness practice that helps reduce stress and provides the tools to make lasting lifestyle changes. Educational workshops and health awareness campaigns promote overall workplace health by bringing a wide range of educational resources directly to policy holders.

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