What Are WellCare PDP Plans?


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WellCare prescribed drug plans are Medicare Part D plans that provide prescription drug insurance to those enrolled under Medicare Part A or Part B, according to WellCare's website. They include WellCare Simple, WellCare Classic and WellCare Extra.

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These plans offer medical coverage based on government guidelines on the types of medication and minimum benefits to offer, explains WellCare. They enable members to save when members get drugs from pharmacies within the network that offer preferred cost sharing. The Classic plan best fits people who take drugs occasionally or a few times monthly. It has low premiums, and members can qualify for extra help, which leads to low copayments among other benefits.

The Wellcare Simple plan is designed for people who take a number of prescriptions occasionally or just a few times monthly, according to WellCare. It also offers low premiums and has no copayments on preferred generic drugs from in-network pharmacies that offer preferred cost sharing. WellCare Extra is ideal for people who take prescriptions every month and are looking for a plan with more benefits. It has no deductibles and no copayments for preferred generic products within the network.

If a member of a Medicare Advantage Plan enrolls in one of these PDPs, he is deregistered from the Medicare Advantage Plan. He reverts to the original Medicare plan and is enrolled into the PDP, as WellCare explains. Members who qualify for Medicare PDPs but do not enroll within 63 days risk being charged a late registration fee.

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