What Websites Have a Stock Price History?


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Investopedia and Yahoo! Finance both host historical pricing data for individual securities by ticker symbol on their websites. Yahoo! Finance's summary page for each ticker symbol displays a graph of the previous day's price changes, the stock's last opening, and closing price and volume data. The graph can also be customized to display changes in stock price over longer periods, such as a week, a year, or five or ten years.

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Investopedia automatically displays a stock's historical price graph for the last 52-week period along with opening and closing data. Both Yahoo! Finance and Investopedia have dedicated pages for historical data for each stock. Yahoo! Finance's historical pages display the last 90 days of pricing stock prices, including daily high and low price, opening and closing price, and trading volume. Investopedia's historical pages display the last four months of opening, closing, and high and low daily prices alongside trading volume.

Both websites allow users to customize the information displayed. Investopedia allows users to choose a custom date range and choose to display daily pricing data or data for points in time at which a stock split occurred or a the company issued a dividend. Yahoo! Finance allows users to choose between daily, weekly, month and yearly pricing data in its custom date range and to display the dates on which companies issued dividends.

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