What Websites Offer Stock Price Histories?

websites-offer-stock-price-histories Credit: Divya Thakur/CC-BY-SA 2.0

The Nasdaq and MarketWatch websites offer historical stock prices. Users can enter the appropriate stock symbol to view the historical prices for a particular period.

The Nasdaq search feature allows a user to enter up to 25 symbols and then search the associated historical prices; users can view regular charts, interactive charts, infoquotes, summary quotes and stock comparisons, lists the Nasdaq website. As of 2015, users can obtain up to 10 years worth of historical data for a particular stock. They can also change the period using the Timeframe drop-down menu. The minimum time frame is a five-day period. Available data includes open price, close price, high and low price.

The Nasdaq website also reports that comparisons to the Nasdaq composite, the Nasdaq-100, the S&P 500 and other indexes are available. Graphs also present official volume data. Finally, the visitors can access the most viewed companies to see the latest sale price, percentage change and share volume data.

Marketwatch also offers stock price histories. This website also offers a search feature to enter either a symbol, fund or keyword, along with a specific date. Visitors can also find information about stocks, funds, options, bonds and commodities, as well as currencies and futures. Marketwatch helps investors utilize financial news and tools to assess market conditions.