What Websites Have Lists of the Exxon Stock Prices Over the Last 40 Years?


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Finance.Yahoo.com provides a stock price chart for the Exxon Mobil Corporation, with prices back to Jan. 1, 1970. Other websites, such as Reuters.com, provide partial historical charts for periods of up to 20 years. ExxonMobil.com lists stock prices from 1980 onwards.

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The Finance.Yahoo.com stock chart for Exxon, found using Exxon's XOM stock symbol, provides many features for analyzing stocks, including a bar graph of trading volume, dividend dates and stock-split dates. Between 1975 and 2015 Exxon's stock price rose from $1.93 to $92.45. During the same period, Exxon stock consistently paid out quarterly dividends and split five times.

Finance.Yahoo.com stock charts provide stock comparisons to major indexes and other individual stocks. For instance, between January 1975 and January 2015 Exxon's stock price rose 4670 percent, whereas Chevron's stock price rose 3335 percent.

Finance.Yahoo.com also provides indicators on its stock charts, including the Relative Strength Index, Money Flow Index and averages, such as the Exponential Moving Average. The Relative Strength Index tracks recent stock gains and losses, explains Investopedia. Investors use the Relative Strength Index when attempting to predict whether a stock is overbought or oversold. The Money Flow Index is similar to the Relative Strength Index, but it also adds trading volume for a more accurate prediction of trends.

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