What Is the Best Website for Checking the Closing Prices of S&P?


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StandardAndPoors.com provides the world?s largest and most popular resource for market indexes and their closing prices, including the S&P 500, states the company. However, investors use other financial websites such as Investing.com for real-time S&P 500 closing prices.

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Standard and Poors offers readers features like the S&P Dow Jones Indices, which contains indexes of S&P 500 stocks separated into asset classes such as the S&P Global BMI, which tracks the global performance of stocks within the S&P 500, according to the company?s website. Investing.com offers individual closing prices of S&P 500 stocks, including the day?s low, high and closing prices. The website includes historical data for the index, allowing investors to track the S&P?s overall performance for a specific date, as of 2015.

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