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Being unorganized, procrastinating, not multitasking, being inefficient and overloading on projects are some examples of common weaknesses. Business Insider suggests that people end each weakness on a positive note, stating their intentions to improve this type of behavior.

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For interviewees that struggle with being unorganized, listing a specific method of organization that combats this weakness is a good way to end on a positive note. When stating procrastination as a weakness, it is important that a person does not imply that he cannot meet deadlines. It is also important that the person states ways he motivates himself into being more proactive.

For not multitasking, it is good for a person to mention a specific system he uses to assist them with handling multiple responsibilities. It is also recommended that the person states he enjoys working on multiple projects to keep a fresh and focused mind. For a person who struggles with inefficiency due to perfectionism, it is important they mention this is due to a desire to hand over a project at its best.

Overloading on projects is a weakness that also positively shows the person enjoys taking on new tasks. The interviewee, in this instance, must show how he is learning to prioritize and limit their workload. Business Insider strongly suggests not listing weaknesses that imply not being able to do the job at hand.

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