What Are Some Ways to Use Promotional Pens to Promote a Business?


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Companies can give promotional pens to customers as convenience items or thank you gifts. Companies can pass pens out at trade shows, use them to solidify the closings of deals or to foster employee team building. Promotional pens are an easy way for companies to build brand loyalty among customers. Handing pens out at company-sponsored events helps spread the company brand to event participants.

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Pens branded with a company's logo, name, phone number or website make great promotional items because pens are practical. A simple way to get customers to spread a company name around is to place a bunch of promotional pens into a pen holder, bucket or other suitable container. Sit the container on a reception desk or table in a high-traffic area, and invite customers to take one. Many people take free pens as they leave establishments, and companies should restock their containers often.

Promotional pens are a staple giveaway item at events such as trade shows and job fairs. These events are ideal places to use free pens to draw the interest of customers and job candidates. Free promotional pens should be given to employees as company perks. Employees can use the pens at work, home or while out on errands. Branded pens make great publicity tools at public relations events.

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