What Are Some Ways to Use a Green Dot MoneyPak Number?

Green Dot MoneyPak is no longer available for sale, but consumers are able to purchase Green Dot prepaid cards that display a Visa or MasterCard logo. Users are able to load money on the updated prepaid cards and use them to make purchases of goods and services.

Consumers obtain a Green Dot prepaid card by submitting an online form, selecting either a Visa or MasterCard. Individuals must provide personal details such as name, address, email and Social Security number. Green Dot card applications don't require a credit check or a minimum deposit, and individuals who apply online are able to receive a card without paying a fee. Choosing to get the card in a retail store requires paying a small fee. Money is loaded onto the card by the user, and various fees are associated with using the card.

Green Dot prepaid cards function similarly to bank debit cards, except money is not debited from a checking account during each transaction. Card users load money on a Green Dot card by authorizing direct deposit transfers via paycheck or a checking account, or users cash a check or swipe the card at a cash register. To withdraw money at an ATM machine, card users need to find a machine that displays the MoneyPass logo.