What Are Some Ways to Start a Security Service Center?


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Some ways to start a security service center company include registering as a new business with the appropriate state tax departments and then posting ads for guards on job listing sites. Reach out to current and former law enforcement officers to offer jobs, or start an internal training department. In all cases, it may be necessary to obtain special business licences for the company.

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One method for starting a security company is to focus on facilitating other companies in need of security services with finding guards and managing the recruitment and interview process. Business owners may post ads on a variety of sites and conduct the necessary background checks. The guards work as contractors reporting to the security company rather than the client.

Some security companies also hire former members of local law enforcement due to the training and experience with protection and firearms. In some cities, it may also be possible for current officers to work as security for private individuals and events.

Another option is to offer security guard training as part of the business, hiring instructors to teach applicants with little or no prior experience. These business may also offer the classes to other interested parties as an additional service.

Regardless of the recruitment method, owners of a new security service company must register the business with state agencies, which typically includes incorporating as a separate entity and obtaining the appropriate insurance and permits.

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