What are some ways to start a fundraiser?


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Some ways to start a fundraiser include setting a fundraising goal, choosing different methods of fundraising and identifying the purpose. It is also important to make a list of different ways to advertise the fundraiser.

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A good way to start the fundraiser process is by setting a goal. The goal is the amount of money that needs to be earned for the fundraiser. This amount might not be achieved, but it helps to know what to aim for. All activities and fundraising events are trying to reach a goal. Keep in mind the amount should be the net amount at the end, minus taxes, fees and marketing costs. After creating a fundraising goal, it is easier to create a budget of expenses. Some expenses might include the cost of transportation, materials for different events, staff, invitations, space rental and catering for events.

When it comes to choosing the type of fundraising event, consider the target audience. A fundraiser that is catered more towards parents of young children might have activities families would enjoy. Other fundraisers have activities and events for business professionals. Make sure to get enough help for all the events, whether through paid or volunteer staff. Have multiple methods of advertising for the fundraising events.

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