What Are Ways to Get Someone Fired?

Some of the most common reasons employees are fired are for inappropriate comments, lying on time sheets, theft, assault or threats, sleeping on the job or being impaired by drugs or alcohol. Catching an employee in the act of any of these prohibited acts could get them fired.

Inappropriate comments, such as racial slurs, vulgar language or sexual innuendos, are prohibited in most workplace environments. Title VII of the U.S. Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects workers from racial, religious or sexual harassment, if the behavior creates a hostile work environment, alters an employee’s working conditions or making it difficult for the employee to do his job.

Acts of assault and threats are covered by the U.S Department of Labor, which defines assault as a physical or verbal attack that causes bodily or emotional harm. This includes use of a weapon, a physical altercation or a threatening statement.

Other common reasons employees are fired include: inappropriate use of company information, such as sharing company information with competitors or using company information to influence the buying and selling of stock; spending too much time on social media; having a bad attitude; failure to follow company procedures; repeated tardiness or absences; and failing a random drug test.