What Are Some Ways to Find ShuttlePark2 Coupons?

Find coupons for ShuttlePark2 services on the company website, according to ShuttlePark2.com. As of 2015, to get to the page for coupons and promotions, click Rates on the ShuttlePark2 home page and then click on the Learn More button under the Web Promotion banner. Another way to find coupons for ShuttlePark2 is through a local saver mailer such as Valpak.

Mailer companies such as Valpak put together advertisement circulars with coupons and mail them to millions of people. The company also has a website that customers can visit to search for printable coupons, notes ValPak.com.

  1. Locate the Valpak site
  2. Go to the Valpak website. Click on the Change Neighborhood link on the right-hand side of the page.

  3. Change the neighborhood
  4. Type in the nearest major city to ShuttlePark2, "Seattle, Washington," or the ZIP code for the location, "98188." Press the Go button.

  5. Look for the coupon
  6. Scroll down the list of coupons for the area to discover coupons for ShuttlePark2. Click to view and then click on the Use Coupon link next to the desired coupon. This opens up another window with the printable coupon. Click the Print Coupon button or the Save Coupon to Google button to save the coupon to print out later, states ValPak.com.