What Are Some Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance?


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To save money on car insurance, ask the insurance agent or broker about any available discounts, recommends Forbes. Agents are obligated to tell the customer what types of discounts are available, as well as if the applicant qualifies. Insure all vehicles under the same car insurance provider for a discount. If possible, insurance customers should seek out car insurance from the same company that provides their homeowner's insurance.

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Compare the prices of multiple car insurance agencies to find the best deal, states Forbes. Consider taking a higher deductible to bring the premium down. If a car's value is low, dropping coverage and paying a deductible out of pocket may be a prudent financial decision in the long run.

Try to be a good driver, recommends Forbes. Drivers who avoid traffic accidents for at least five years get the best deals on car insurance. People who are married tend to get better insurance rates, so inform the insurance company if a wedding occurs. People with certain jobs such as accountants, nurses and teachers get lower rates than others.

It is possible to save on car insurance by driving less, notes Forbes. People who drive frequently are at greater risk of being in an accident, so premiums rise. Trading in a luxury car for something more modest brings car insurance rates down.

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