What Are Some Ways to Get a Renter's Insurance Quote Online?


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To get a renter's insurance quote online, a person may contact his auto insurance company or a general insurance provider such as Allstate, Assurant, Liberty Mutual Insurance or Progressive, according to About.com. Many of these companies offer tools that allow renters to receive quotes and purchase policies directly from their websites. Renters provide personal information and the dwelling address, and choose the level of coverage required. More companies offering online renter's insurance policies include Travelers, Safeco, Geico and Amica.

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There is a lot of confusion about renter's insurance, and it is a misconception that a tenant does not require renter's insurance if a landlord has it; this is not true, explains HowStuffWorks. If the dwelling sustains damage on the walls, carpet, floor or ceiling, the landlord's policy may cover those losses. However, if there is damage to chairs, books, electronics or other personal items, the landlord's policy does not cover it.

Only about one-third of renters have an insurance policy, states HowStuffWorks. One reason this occurs is that renters do not understand what the policy covers; cost is also a factor. Low-income families and students often rent, for instance, and when money is tight, most people do not choose to spend it on insurance. However, renter's insurance is usually affordable, and it only costs about $250 a year, as of 2015, to cover about $30,000 worth of property, depending on the location. Experts recommend that renters have at least a $30,000 policy, as that covers the average cost of belongings in a two-bedroom apartment.

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