What Are Some Ways to Reload a Prepaid Visa Card?

Each card issuer offers different reloading options, but some common ways to reload a prepaid Visa card include using direct deposit, cash, money transfer services and checks, mentions AccountNow.com. Reloading fees may apply with some of these methods, and card issuers may limit how much and how often users can reload their Visa cards.

For example, those with Account Now Visa cards can load money onto their cards with cash using the Green Dot MoneyPak, contacting their employer to direct deposit their paychecks to the card and using Western Union, REloadit, Visa ReadyLink and MoneyGram to wire transfer funds. Green Dot Visa cards, on the other hand, can be reloaded with cash or a paper check paid at a register in a store, states the Green Dot MoneyPak website. Using direct deposit can often help customers avoid paying reloading fees and may result in a bonus, suggests AccountNow.com.