What Are Some Ways to Reduce Shipping Costs on EBay Purchases?


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One way to reduce shipping costs on eBay purchases is to use the United States Postal Service as often as possible for basic shipping needs. Many commercial shipping companies have higher prices than USPS because they include extra features that USPS charges extra money for. Therefore, sellers who do not need many extra features can ship primarily through USPS and save money.

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Another way to save money when shipping through the USPS it to use as small a box as possible. While the weight of the item being shipped may still factor into the shipping cost, boxes with a volume greater than 1 cubic foot can end up costing extra. Additionally, if the length plus the girth of the package shipped is greater than 108 inches, the shipper is charged a balloon rate instead of a standard parcel post rate.

One important way to save money when shipping through USPS is to make sure that the packaging and boxing of the item does not make it 2 pounds and 13 ounces whenever possible. Over that weight, the package cannot be mailed first class and must be sent through a more expensive services, such as Parcel Post or Priority Mail.

For items that are over 10 pounds, it is usually cheaper to mail through the USPS media mail service.

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