What Are Some Ways to Recruit Employees?

What Are Some Ways to Recruit Employees?

Ways to recruit employees include posting job descriptions on the company website, networking through professional associations and LinkedIn, rewarding existing employees for referring candidates, and hiring from within the company. Using staffing firms can also be a good strategy.

Posting job openings on the company website has the advantage of finding people who are interested enough in a company to check its website for jobs. A job description that gives the exact requirements is more likely to attract people with the desired skills.

Networking and internal referrals can locate good people already known to trusted colleagues and employees. Using social media such as LinkedIn allows employers to search for candidates who list specific skills and backgrounds on their profiles.

Hiring from within rewards good employees and offers them the chance to move upward in the company; it also requires less training since the employees are already somewhat familiar with the company.

Staffing firms specialize in recruiting techniques. They can help refine the job description and pre-screen candidates. The temp-to-perm option offers employers the chance to try one or several employees without committing to a permanent hire.